Workshop Mother and Father, I want to eat!

Tuesday, December 4th - from 18h to 21h


Introducing support food is always a big step in the life of a baby. Most times it is a moment of pride and joy for the parents but it can also be a stressful moment when the baby refuses to eat some kinds of food.

In this workshop you will learn how to present new foods to the baby but still  respect the baby's growth rhythm.
- Food after 6 months, why?
- Brestfeed me
- Responsive feeding
- Baby Led Weaning

Speaker: Ana Custódio
Booking and Payment : O valor deste workshop é de 35€.

The booking price includes 3 people (mãe, pai/outro cuidador e bebé)
Includes a e-book offering.

Booking is considered after payment made by Bank Transfer or MBWay given to you by email. If you cancel, you won't be refunded but you will have credit for another workshop or service from Amamenta.