Workshop Breastfeeding ABC


This workshop is meant for expecting a baby or with a newborn that want to learn everything about breastfeeding.

Let's talk about superpowers! 

Mother's - produce milk

Baby's - nursing

Dad's - support

- How is milk produced, what is breast milk, what can breastfeeding mothers do/eat...

- How do babies nurse, why is it important to be breastfeeded, when and how much do babies eat and why, how do they know they are full and how do they say it...

- Why and how to support breastfeeding, nursing the baby without feeding him... 

And learn to trust the super-powers of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding while growing, prevent an early weaning, when to seek help...

Promoter: Amamenta Algarve
Speaker: Ana Custódio 
Booking and Payment : 25 euros (includes mother and father or any other companion + baby).