Workshop Breastfeeding and Working, Yes!


This workshop is planned for mothers, fathers, grandparents, other carers and tutors.

Let's talk about:

1 - Lactating worker rights

2 - Back to work planning - individual exercise

3 - How to extract enough milk?

4 - How to keep the extracted milk?

5 - How to give the milk to the baby?

6 - How to prevent a sudden milk shortening and an early breastfeeding stop?


Includes an e-book that will be sent by e-mail after the workshop.
Organized by: Amamenta Algarve
Speaker: Ana Custódio


Booking and Payment : 35€ (includes mother and father or another companion and baby).

If you want to also book "Mother and Father, I want to eat!" that will be held 4th December you will only pay €55 for both.




LIMITED Vacancies, book now!