Music, Movement and Dance


What We do.

Let's make music, move our bodies in many ways, learn traditional dances from our country and outhe countries, and we will do it in the best way possible: Playing!

It is mandatory for the adults to be involved as they are the children's role model, and that will allow them to realize the participation in the activity as something natural and will follow your example.

Both dance and music strenghten the fine motor skills, coordination, rythmic sense, bonding with the family members and as it is a group activity, teaches them to share everything with others.

For Whom and When?

This activity is promoted by "Primeiro Compasso" and is designed for children (+2 years old) with an adult companion. It's held at our store usually on a Saturday from 10h30 to 11h30. Requires booking and can be held at other places and for specific groups.


*It is advised comfortable clothes and anti-slippering socks*

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