Art at Holidays


What We do.

School holidays are the perfect time for children to use time to develop creativity and enjoy some playing activities.

Our holidays sessions are always planned to explore: painting, plastic expression, music, drama, cooking, yoga, creative writting, stories, games, walks, garden plays, beach and pool play (summer). 

Creative activities are necessary during growth. They allow children to develop imagination, problem solving abilities, fine motor skills, comunication, expressing feelings, coordination and the ability to create new things from available materials.

The small and heterogeneous groups, with children from all ages, and some times nationalities, allow the exchange of different skills and give enhancement to conflict solving abilities, and above all, the groups work with a family dynamics similarity.

For Whom and When?

This activity is planned for children (+3 years old) and is held at our store every day of the week during summer vacations from 9h30 to 17h30.

Activities are organized between mornings and afternoons. Each period has two sessions, a story time, a snack time and some free play time.

*Participants should bring comfortable clothes, snack for the morning and afternoon and lunch (optional)*


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