The store Até à Lua is a space where you can find several items for babies, children and youngsters.

You can find the best children’s books, hi quality toys, games for the family and arts and crafts pieces from different Portuguese designers.


Children’s books are books for everyone, with stories to make us dream, laugh and sometimes get chills. In our store we try to have the best books, picked with caution and dedication since we believe that books bring happiness and knowledge inside.

Come discover our books and, who knows, maybe you will fall in love with some of them!


No one is able to live without playing pretend, petting a teddy bear or accelerating at hi-speed in a playing car? On Até à Lua we select the best toys carefully, trying to find the best brands, the best materials and toys that respect the children’s development!

Do you want to come play with us?


Games are the basis of reasoning, they teach us to think, memorize, socialize and, above all, make our days funnier and happier. In our store we have games for all ages and for all families. We know how to play them all and if you want to challenge us we are always ready to play with you and teach you the game you are about to take home. Are you up for it?


Portuguese designers show us that we should have a space for them in our store, with lovely pieces made thinking on the young ones, we will always have different works: clothing, accessories, toys, decoration. There will always be different things for you to see so why don’t you visit us to find out every single one of them?