In Até à Lua we love sunny days as well as winter days, long days, sofa days, but our favourite days are the special ones. So, in your special days, you can count on us.


Are you almost getting one year older? We are ready to sing you Happy Birthday! Invite all your friends and let us celebrate together! Will we throw the party at your place or ours?

In your special day you can have Até à Lua just for you and your friends, we will tell stories, do activities, give and receive gifts and play lots of games.

If you already have a cool place to throw a party: your school, your house or the garden, we can take Até à Lua to guaranty your party will be a success!


Weddings, Baptisms, Christmas parties, events, fairs and children’s places animations, you can count on us for all this and a lot more.

We can take to you all these unforgettable activities:

- Face Painting

- Balloon Modelling

- Story tellers

- Puppet Shows

- Traditional Games

- Board Games

- Treasure Hunts

- Children concerts

- Art Sessions: painting, music, artistic expression, drama, dance and yoga


Até à Lua loves to travel, do you want to take our store to your event, your school, your front door or just near the beach? We will take our books or any thing you need! We are waiting for your invite!