Babies like to explore. With our activities they can experiment:

- Paint sessions with lots of colors and textures.

- Music sessions full of rhythm and sounds to discover.

- Enjoyable stories with puppets and lots of cuddles.

All our activities and materials are suitable for the children's age, sessions with a duration of 30 minutes that can be performed once in a while, in special days or monthly.


Children in preschool age are at the peak of discovery, we provide sessions that allow them new experiences so they can have a more creative background.

- Paint Sessions, where we let our artistic view work and give freedom of creation to our hands.

- Music Sessions, getting to know new instruments and exploring sounds, rhythms and melodies.

- Theatre Session, activities that will let us play pretend, be stronger, tougher and where we learn the importance of being someone else.

- Stories, where we will hear new stories and their characters will sometimes make us laugh or shiver with fear but in the end we will know that we are going to live happily ever after.

Mail us to learn more about our activities focused on school time.


In this stage children become more demanding, their curiosity is now at it's peak and every experience becomes a learning process. At Até à Lua we praise their knowledge and hope they get it in the most enjoyable way:

- Paint Session, we will get to know artists and the art movements they were in.

- Music Session, we will get to know the math behind the sounds, the craftsmanship of the instruments and the beauty of the melodies.

- Theatre Session, we will carry our troubles to the imaginary world, where we can be anything we want, and work strategies to deal with them.

- Stories, good stories are for all ages and we use them to open doors to other realities where impossible is possible and it all can become real.


For special days, we have special activities.

We arrange Book Fairs in your school (10% of sales revert to the school).

We can perform activities at your paries:

- Face painting

- Balloon modeling

- Treasure hunts

- Children's music concerts

- Traditional games

- Board games

We make your parties unforgettable!